Caprica Connects with Fans

The first installment of the new Caprica TV Series is an emotional roller coaster that seeming has something for everyone. We’re not going to count each and every scene which has an emotional element, but suffice it to say that it does try to connect with many different emotions and perspectives. Combined with action, violence, treachery, debauchery, lavishly luxurious sets, deadly robots, youthful defiance, to name just a few, there are more hooks than a fishing derby.

The opening scene in the V-Club includes plenty of gratuitous sex, violence, technology in what appears to be a rave set to a soundtrack that would do justice to Matrix or Blade.caprica1

And since the V-Club is a virtual reality, all bets are off, with many other activities waaay out there, such as ritual killings. Admittedly, it might be cathartic to do it in a virtual world rather than the real one.


Yes, this Caprica TV Series has little in common with the original Battlestar Galactica, aside from a few familiar names and places, and the all too familiar Cylon Centurions.

The battle on behalf of the One True God is a pervasive theme throughout the pilot episode, particularly with the rebellion, suicide bombing, and conspiracy at the Academy all being interrelated. We get an early glimpse of this when three key youth come together.


Zoe vs Amanda GraystoneZoe Graystone, the absolute key character to this series, is very intelligent, and has a sharp tongue as well. Occasionally, her barbed comments don’t meet with approval, such as when she refers to her mother marrying into money and gets a smack.


We can’t help drooling a bit once we see just how filthy rich the Graystone family have become, as witnessed in this lovely shot of their estate


This is just the very tip of the iceberg, and one which we recommend you explore by purchasing the DVD or paid for download. Enjoy it now, before the season begins.