Caprica is born!

capricafromspace1x01Don’t worry if you are feeling a little unsure about the concept of releasing a pilot on DVD and digital download, we were hesitant about the entire concept at first.  However, the new Caprica TV Series is one which immediately gets your attention and then draws you in, deeper and deeper throughout.

Will the product of combined efforts from Ronald D. Moore, David Eick, and Remi Aubuchon amount to anything on par with Battlestar Galactica?  It’s doubtful!  Will it be better than The Sarah Connor Chronicles?  We think so, definitely.

The new series has more draws than an all night poker game!  From the gratuitous sex, drugs, violence in the opening scene, through the plot twists and turns in the middle, and to the end with Zoe-R coming to life, this 1.5 hours had us entertained and engrossed throughout.  This is NOT for young children.  There is plenty of topless nudity, automatic weapon fire, blood and guts splattering.  There are youth who believe in a cause and make sacrifices in their pursuit.  Of course there has to be cool sci-fi gadgets, opulent settings, robots on steriods and more.  Those wanting a some thought required?  Yes, there is corporate espionage, betrayal, mafia-esque underpinnings, love, hate, racism, you name it!  Definitely something for everyone…

When we heard that this was going to be more sci-drama than space shooter, we immediately discounted any chance for this being a success, recalling the Firefly flop.  The talk of this being a space-soap, more akin to Dallas than Star Trek, made us think there would never been another sci-fi series worth watching.  Boy were we wrong!

We didn’t bother to do a boob count or a bullet count, instead sitting back an enjoying the story unfold.  The first minute in the V-Club gets your attention – how could it not ;)   From then on, scene by scene, we were wanting to know more about what had happend, and what was going to happen next.  Yes, three 16 year olds, in a virtual nightclub where sex, drugs, fight-club and human sacrifices sounds a bit like 90210 meets the Holodeck, but it works.

The lead characters of Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama (Adams) are rock-solid.  They were cast well, given good scripts, and executed them to the letter.  You can feel their ups and downs, joys and sorrow, learning their history (and guessing at their future) along the way.  Zoe Graystone plays so many parts, that you’d think this was bit much conceptually.  But again, it fits, it works, and by the end, it left us absolutely wanting to see what would happen in the next episode, regretfully nearly a year away, ARGH!

The one let-down in the cast has to be little William Adama.  We’ve not fully resigned ourselves that he will always be a dull, flat little boy, with no variation in mood or delivery, but we are cautiously hopeful that there’s something good in the works.  Yes, given his sister and mother being killed by the terrorist bombing on the lev, we expect some mourning.  Yes, he is curious about death and the afterlife.  But for the love of Athena, he needs something, anything, to spice him up a bit.  No, Bill Adama on BSG wasn’t exactly a manic sort of guy, but at least he showed some feelings when things went wrong…pilot0221

As with any good pilot, there are many questions answered and many left open.  Who is behind the Soldiers of The One?  Is Sister Clarice?  What can Lacy do to help Zoe-R?  Will there be a Ben-R?  Are Tamara and Shannon gone forever?  When will Joe’s affiliation with the Halatha Crime Syndicate finally catch up with him?  Is a cubit worth more or less than a dollar?  How much does a holoband cost, and where can I buy one?

If you haven’t already purchased the DVD, then stop what you’re doing, and go get it!

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