Joe Adama

Joe AdamaOne of the main lead characters in the Caprica tv series is Esai Morales who plays Joe Adama.

Esai was born in Brooklyn, New York to Puerto Rican parents. Early on in life, Esai developed an interest in acting, and was fortunate to attend New York’s illustrious High School for the Performing Arts. This great start played a pivotal role in preparing and propelling Morales to a career in Hollywood.

Esai Morales made debuted in El Hermano at the Ensemble Studio Theater and further went on to appear in Joe Papp’s interpretative production of The Tempest at the Shakespeare in the Park festival. Further experience in theater also includes working with Al Pacino in Salome, as well as earning an LA Drama Critics Circle Award for a noteworthy performance in Tamer of Horses at the LA Theater Center. He’s even starred in musical theater with a lead performance in 2002′s The Mambo Kings in San Francisco.

Esai first appeared on the big screen in 1983 by appearing opposite opposite Sean Penn in Bad Boys before starring in La Bamba, the most successful commercial Latino-themed motion in history. He’s also starred in Fast Food Nation, The Burning Season, American Fusion, The Virgin of Juarez, The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca and Kill Kill Faster Faster.

Esai’s upcoming movie appearances include the character Pelon in La Linea, where he is head of the Salazar Crime Cartel, as well as roles in Cherry and King of the Avenue.caprica8

Esai’s next tv series is Caprica, prequel to the smash hit television series Battlestar Galactica, where he plays Joseph ‘Joe’ Adama. The two hour pilot episode has premiered on DVD and digital download, is available online, and will hopefully become a hit weekly series on the Sci-Fi Network starting in January 2010.

Esai currently lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Frankie.

This background on Esai Morales is great, but what Caprica fans care about is what is his role in Caprica, what has been revealed about his character, and what is to come…


We’re first introduced to Joe Adama, speaking to his mobile phone with his wife and daughter, having a cup of coffee, on his way to work, for what seems an ordinary day.

After a bit of conversation, we next see him immediately following the suicide bombing. Amazingly, he is close enough to hear the blast, and probably feel the shockwaves.

Caprica - Greystone and Adama


With incredible special effects right off the bat, Caprica has the right blend of energy, drama and effects to capture many segments. With actors like Esai Morales, we have characters that we can relate and get drawn into someone like Joe Adama.

But you can see that the relationship of these two guys,  Joe Adama and Daniel Graystone, is a pivotal one in at least the early parts of this series, and the first meeting between Joe and Daniel comes shortly following the bombing.

There is a lot more to be seen of Joe Adama in the pilot episode of Caprica TV Series, but you’ll either have to buy the DVD or pay to download it, of course, NetFlix is always an option too.