Other Characters

There were a number of characters, other than Adama and Graystone family members, who play an important role in the new Caprica TV Series, as launched in the pilot episode.

As the terrorist attack (blowing up the lev in the pilot) was conducted by the Soldiers of the One, those involved in this organization and event are key to the plot development.

ben starkBen Stark, close friend of Zoe Graystone and Lacy Rand, was also a student at the Athenian Academy prior to the blast. Ben is seen as an instigator, and inferred to be a recruiter, in actions which support his beliefs in the monotheistic movement. Though his blowing up the lev train was stated as ‘premature’ and ‘unauthorized’, he was said to be fighting evil with all his heart. Ben was definitely a true believer, and one willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in support of the cau200px-Caprica_Lacyse.

Lacy Rand, near and dear to Zoe and Ben, seems to be much less of a true believer, more of a tag along sort and generally a much weaker character. She backs out of boarding the lev, thinking Zoe and Ben were merely running away to Geminon. Though she is a believer in the one true God, she doesn’t appear to be a STO member. Thankfully, when she finds Sister Clarice is also a member, she is relieved that she is not alone in her beliefs.

Sister Clarice Willow, an apparently important figure for the Athenian Academy, outwardly professes to be multi-theistic (as the Academy is founded on the following of Athena), though inwardly believes in and is somehow associated with the Soldiers of the One. Although she espouses the Athenian belief in loving they enemy, as discussed in an interview with Agent Duram, her association with this radical group lead us to believe she has a much more radical view.

Agent Jordan DuramAgent Jordan Duram, of the Global Defense Department, is the lead investigator into the lev bombing and is clearly committed to knowing and pursuing the enemy, despite acknowledging that the STO (Soldiers of The One) had previously been dormant for 10 years. Through his interviews with Amanda Graystone, Lacy Rand, and Clarice Willow, we see him in relentless pursuit of the terrorists identity.

Cyrus Xander is the right-hand man of Daniel Graystone and on more than one occasion shows that he has inside knowledge into the contract woes of the Cyber Combat Unit as well as development of the Meta Cognitive Processor by the Vergis Corporation. It is this independent artificial brain which is responsible for transforming the Cyber Combat Unit from being a mediocre robot into a Cylon killing machine.

Sam is a representative of the Halatha Crime Syndicate, and errand boy for the Guatrau (one of the leaders of this mafia-esque organization) on Caprica. Sam is charged with passing bribe money along, delivering orders dispatched from the Guatrau, and occasionally reminding Joe of his obligations to the organization (and penalties for deviating from them).

Serge, the Graystone family security bot, is an interesting addition. Though he has none of the cool mechanical components as seen on the Cylons, he has some sort of appeal. It could be his simplicity, or the fact that he strongly resembles the shooting target dummies massacred by the Cylon in its final test… Regardless, he will seen again in future episodes, perhaps with a greater purpose at some point.


Lacy Rand – Magda Apanowicz
Ben Stark – Avan Jogia
Sister Clarice Willow – Polly Walker
Jordan Duram – Brian Markinson
Sam – Sasha Roiz
Cyrus Xander – Hiro Kanagawa
The Guatrau – Jorge Montesi
Voice of Serge – Jim Thomson

Post-Pilot Episode Conclusions for the Other Characters:

Despite many other speaking part players in the cast of the Caprica TV Series pilot, the above represent those who made an impression on us. None of these seem to be out of place, and none of them seem to have been mis-cast in their role. They are well integrated into the plot, and though not major characters, do serve to enrich the plot and enhance the story line.