Rebirth: Season 1, episode 2

rebirthRebirth is the second episode of the first season of Caprica.

This is the summary of the episode.

Cyrus Xander and Daniel Graystone discuss the issues they’re having with their robots. It seems that only the first Cylon Daniel had installed the meta-cognitive processor in, works correctly; when using the same MCP the other bodies do not have the same abilities. Daniel directs that they pack the working Cylon up and send it to his house so that it can get worked on over the weekend.

Lacy Rand is invited by Clarice Willow over to her house for lunch. Later, Lacy chats to Zoe by phone. She says that Clarice invited her over.

Daniel and Amanda Graystone, owners of the Caprica Buccaneers, watch a pyramid match from their carton.

He recognizes he is going to his daughter’s school again, instead of his son’s (Wilson Elementary).

Ruth, Joe’s mother in law, mentions an invitation to a memorial event, funded by the Graystones.

Representative Jordan Duram and Amanda at her home visit. Duram is prohibited from searching the premises since Daniel does work on a defense contract in the house. Duram shows that Ben and Zoe Stark were relationship.

The Cylon is fighting to escape, but is held. Philo calms her down, and pulls her MCP chip out, disabling her. Inside, while Drew is trying to run a diagnostic, the Cylon chops the tip of his finger off. Philo regains the fingertip and take Drew to a hospital.

Amanda visits Lacy at her house. She asks about the objectives of Zoe.

Lacy visits Clarice’s house for lunch. Nestor, Clarice’s husband, flirts with Lacy. Clarice presents her wives, Mar-Beth, Desiree Willow, and Helena, and her other husbands, Olaf, Reshawn, and Tanner. There are others.

William Adama and Sam Adama visit Little Tauron. Sam says that as kids, Sam would hopelessly flirt with a guy while his William’s dad would get a date with a sister. Sam eats it and picks from fruit from a cart, with the approval of the shopkeeper. Sam tells William that his entire story is told by his tattoos.

Amanda finds Daniel taking a break, watching his pyramid team. Amanda calls the Cylon a “monster.” Joseph is refused entrance at the Graystone family.

Clarice’s partners challenge her reasons for her and Nestor’s attention to Lacy.

Sam, with William, smashes a window of yet another shopkeeper after receiving a phone call, perhaps by the Guatrau. The police show up right, and Sam encourages William to work. The cops appear to understand Sam. Sam describes about the criminal system to William.

Clarice and a head shop visit.

Lacy is called by the Cylon, and tells her she’s at the house, and they need to match. Lacy studies the robot. Lacy declares that the avatar Zoe, and the Cylon Cylon are three-in-one – a trinity.

The memorial occasion is attended by the Graystones.

Joe faces Daniel. Daniel tells him that’s impossible, that she is gone, although he wants to see his daughter again. He clarifies she vanished with Zoe, which affects Joe, who did not realize that Tamara’s avatar existed without being detected.

Amanda announces that her daughter was a terroris, and makes her way to the podium at the memorial occasion