The Adama Family

The Adama family, that so many of us, have come to know and love from the previous Battlestar Galactica series is set to play a key role in the new Caprica TV Series prequel. It’s pretty exciting news because we have come to know the family over the years, watching them while we eat dinner.

We are genuinely interested as to where they will go next as characters.

The Adama family come from a long line of Tauron peasants, many of whom died during the Tauron civil war. In fact, at that time, all of the family except for Joseph Adama and his brother were killed during that uprising. The two of them were taken to Caprica and put into an orphanage.Caprica - Joseph Adama

In the pilot episode, we meet Joseph Adama, who had changed his name to Adams in order to avoid the bitter racism felt on Caprica against the Tauron’s. Joseph is often referred to as Joe by those who know him and Youself by Tauron friends and associates. We also are introduced to young William Adama, also called Will or Willie, who will later become Admiral Bill Adama. We also get to meet Shannon Adama, wife of Joe, and Tamara, their daughter (sister of Willie). We even get a glimpse of William’s grandmother in one scene.

Joe Adama is a dichotomy on many levels. For example, he is associated with the Halatha Crime Syndicate, run by the Guatrau. This group paid his way through law school and now require his services from time to time. Though he complies with their wishes, he shoes great angst and remorse for the consequences of his involvement.

Joe is a stoic man who often follows the ‘old ways’ such as not shedding a tear, wearing black gloves when in mourning, though does show glimpses of emotional undertones which run throughout. He did admit that the one and only time he shed a tear was the first time he saw flowers, something that doesn’t exist on Tauron, as they were approaching the orphanage in Caprica for the first time.Shannon Adama

We see Shannon Adama for only a few minutes in the pilot episode, as she boards the fateful lev (train) prior to the terrorist attack, a lead-in for the escalating battle which will surely boil over at some point in the Caprica TV Series.

200px-Tamara_AdamaTamara Adama, Willie’s sister, appears to be stereotypical in many ways. She gives her father Joe a lot of attitude in reminding him it’s Willie’s birthday, and that he better not be home late for the party. Later, she is terrified of her new surroundings, as she is reborn in the virtual world.

William Adama, the youngest in the family, attends classes at Wilson Elementary School. Like most boys his age, he enjoys shaved ice, going to a Bucs game (the pyramid team owned by Daniel Graystone), doesn’t fully understand life and death, and also comes across as very stereotypical. He has no moments of rage or joy, but is seen throughout the pilot episode as a rather flat, sad creature, mourning the loss of his mother and sister in his own way. The only time he lights up at all is following the pyramid game (lost by the Bucs) in which he gets to meet with the team while Joe and Daniel discuss important matters (about the whole virtual world concept and bringing dead family members back to life).



Joe Adama – Esai Morales
William Adama – Sina Najafi
Tamara Adama – Genevieve Buechner
Shannon Adams – Anna Galvin