The Graystones


As inventors of the Cylons, the Graystone family plays an integral role in the TV series Caprica.

The Graystones are comprised of Dr. Daniel Graystone, husband to Dr. Amanda Graystone, and father to Zoe Graystone. A wealthy Caprican family, who live outside Caprica City, in a very luxurious estate on the coast, the Graystones are living the dream. They have incredible views, a private tennis court (complete with computerized line judge and umpires), and a personal servant robot named Serge.

Daniel is the lead character in the pilot episode, which makes sense given the fact that he is credited as being creator of the Cylons. He is a computer whiz, running a company which not only invented the holoband (a visor which allow users to experience a virtual world in 3D), but also carries key defense department contracts. His exact wealth is anyone’s guess, but he does donate enough to Apollo University to get a building named after him. Daniel is a bit aloof, a product of his status in life, and yet is a very engaging character, perhaps due to his computer wizardry, the cool gadgets he has everywhere, and his willingness to go to any length to get his daughter back after the terrorist attack.

CAPRICA -- Pictured: Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone -- Syfy Photo: Joe Pugliese

CAPRICA — Pictured: Paula Malcomson as Amanda Graystone — Syfy Photo: Joe Pugliese

Amanda, Daniel’s wife, is a doctor in her own right, apparently working at some type of medical facility. Little is known initially about her expertise, but she appears to have earned her credentials, unlike her wealth which she reported married into. She is in many ways what you would expect from the wife of a successful husband – competitive with him and angry at her disobedient daughter. She shows a wide range of emotions, joy, sadness, humor, and denial, among others. She is far from the snotty, filthy rich woman one might expect in this scenario. She comes across as very down to earth, committed, and easy to identify with.

Zoe, the 16 year old daughter, has a massive role in this series. She starts off the pilot as a true believer (as a member of the Soldiers of the One True God), disillusioned with the degradation of society, and like many has had her turn at sampling the vices society has to offer. She is a computer genius, shocking her father with the ability to convert synaptic information about people (coupled with a download of their memories) into usable data.
Zoe managed to create an AI version of herself as an avatar (oft referred to as Zoe-A). The virtual Zoe-A exists and can be interacted with by those using a holoband, provided of course they visit the underground virtual nightclub (or V-Club) where she resides.Zoe Graystone – Alessandra Torresani

Eventually, Daniel finds a way to integrate the Zoe-A consciousness with a robotic body, thus creating the first Cybernetic Life Form Node (Cylon), spawning Zoe-R. Though her human body died in the lev train bombing, Zoe-R continues on and will likely be a critical part of the uprising between Cylon and humans which is destined to follow. Zoe is a very complex character and one who will undoubtedly feature throughout the new Caprica TV Series.


Daniel Graystone – Eric Stoltz
Amanda Graystone – Paula Malcolmson
Zoe Graystone – Alessandra Torresani

Post-Pilot Episode Conclusions for the Graystone Family:
Casting for the Graystone’s was an achievement! They are interesting, detailed, multi-faceted, and we want to know more about what makes them tick, what they have done, and what they will do next. Kudos for this line-up.