Zoe Graystone

zoeZoe is the daughter of Amanda Graystone and Daniel Graystone. Attending Athena Academy with classmate Lacy Rand and her friend, who she developed a romantic relationship with Ben Stark.

Soldier of the One
After spending time in the V-Club her boyfriend, Ben Stark, convinces her that she should join the Soldiers of the One, and that there’s only one true god. It’s during this time that she starts work on a self aware avatar of herself. Ben, Zoe, and Lacy try to transport the avatar Zoe to Gemenon. Ben, Zoe, and Adama’s wife as well as their child, are killed in the explosion.

After Zoe’s death, her buddy Lacy goes to the Graystone house to try to find avatar Zoe. Using the Holoband of Zoe, she returns to find the Zoe avatar in the the V-Club room where it is stored. She discovers avatar Zoe covered in blood, asserting that she felt Zoe perish. The avatar knows that she is not an actual person, but claims that she feels like one. Lacy is found leaving the V Club by Zoe’s dad. Unbeknownst to Lacy, Daniel uses her to capture the avatar of Zoe. After being captured, Daniel downloads the avatar into a prototype robot body U-87, thereby becoming the first Caprican Cylon.

The Many Faces of Zoe:

First Zoe: The human teenaged daughter of Daniel and Amanda Graystone, Zoe was exceptionally proficient in computer technology like her daddy. “Zoe Original is the 15-year-old girl that is a brat, that’s only a spoiled, rich brat that is rebelling against her family, but she believes in the One True God.” -Performer Alessandra Torresani

Zoe-A: Created by the first Zoe as a digital replica of herself. The avatar was made using all the computer data about the initial Zoe’s life using a sophisticated search engine. The initial Zoe also managed to upload her actual life encounters via a biofeedback plan which gives the avatar a much more bona fide character and self awareness. When the real Zoe died, the avatar “experienced” her departure. After the V-world is created for her, the Zoe avatar gets power as among the Avenging Angels to rid corruption, and after apotheosis and the STO and Church departures she calls herself God of the virtual Heaven, which she rends into a Hell that is volcanic.

Zoe-R: the U-87 prototype robot created by Daniel Graystone; technically, the same character as Zoe A, just in a physical body. This version of Zoe is the first of the Cylons that are colonial.
Messenger Zoe: both the first Zoe and the Avatar Zoe occasionally interact with a peculiar, serene being that appears in Zoe’s own type. It is often verified that this being is a “messenger”, among the cryptic spectral apparitions seen by Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six in Battlestar Galactica.